To live out our values of service, integrity, and community by building genuine relationships and providing fresh coffee, beverages, snacks, and food to our customers in a manner which best serves their vending needs and supports their story.


To be the premier vending service in the Heart of Illinois by delivering an exceptional customer experience while sharing values of service, integrity, and community.

To learn more about what HOI Vending can offer your business, please continue to browse our website. Once you’re convinced that HOI Vending is right for you, Contact Us to request more information or to set up a meeting with a member of our friendly staff. We are more than happy to help determine and satisfy your needs and answer any questions you may have about how we can best serve you. Thank you!

Breakroom Services Values


We believe in putting our customers and community members first. Service is the cornerstone of Breakroom Services and we know that a heart for service is good for our community and it also enables our team to deliver exceptional value to each and every customer.


We believe in always doing what is right and putting others’ needs ahead of our own. Living and working with a deep sense of morality and purpose in doing the right thing even when no one is looking helps shape our culture and brings great joy to our team.


Serving the Heart of Illinois is something we take very seriously, and we seek to support all the communities we serve through positivity, kindness, and contributions to the greater good for people in areas we serve. Uniting with valued customers and community members, Breakroom Services seeks to empower organizations and individuals to reach their full potential and ultimately improve the communities we live and work in.

Contact Us

  • Address: 1110 E Jackson St., Springfield, IL 62703
  • Phone: (217) 523-4990
  • Fax: (217) 523-7599

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday - Sunday - Closed

Affiliate Companies

Our affiliate organizations may be able to meet some of your business’ other needs.

  • HOI Vending:

    Vending products and equipment
    866-HOI-VEND or www.HOIvend.com

  • Variety Specialties & Amusement Co. Inc.:

    Providing amusement machines, games, jukeboxes, and ATMs.
    (800) 255-6431 or www.Variety-Amusements.com

  • Central Illinois Cash Systems:

    Automated Teller Machines or "ATMs"
    (877) 215-1ATM or www.CentralIlCash.com