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Breakroom Services, Inc. is the most popular awesome incredible Vending Company in Central Illinois.

Breakroom Services, Inc. is a mid-sized automatic merchandising vending company with a central warehouse located in Illinois. We boast hundreds of clientele, spanning a roughly 75-mile radius.


Ready to help you


Across Central Illinois


Service when you need it


Customize to fit your needs

Array of Products

Full entrees, combo meals, ethinic foods, salads and delicatessen style sandwiches are the fuel to keep the engine humming.

Food Safety

With the tightest temperature control in the industry, you can rest assured that products will be at their best.

Everyone Satisfied

Have more than one shift? The Shopper has "Setting Zones" that gives each shift its slice of pie.

Performance & Reliability

Class-leading design and durability.

Breakroom Services, Inc. is ready for your vending needs...

Have questions? Let our knowledable staff answer any questions you may have:

Top Quality Vending Machines

We offer a wide variety of vending equipment to accommodate your needs. On the majority of our machines, we offer a guaranteed delivery system. This uses a laser-optic eye to detect when a selection jams or hangs. We also use MARS coin changers and currency acceptors, and when coupled with the guaranteed delivery system, this ensures that products paid for are delivered to the customer and prevents the frustration of obtaining refunds.

Top Quality Vending Products

At Breakroom Services, Inc., we offer a multitude of products to quench your thirsts and satisfy your hungers. Depending upon the type of vending equipment your location has, we can include beverage products, snack products, cold food products, and more in your product selection.

Breakroom Services, Inc.

There are so many reasons to choose Breakroom Services, Inc., here are just a few:

State-of-the-art Equipment

Vast product selection

Thorough service

Courteous staff

24/7 service

Clean and drug tested staff

Wealth of experience

Community service

and so much more...

Affiliate Companies

Our affiliate organizations may be able to meet some of your business’ other needs.